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Her super-smart media advisers thought it would be a good idea to invite those journalists AND bloggers who are covering (or are likely to cover) her Golden Jubilee in 2012 to a reception in November at Buckingham Palace. The big guns were rolled out for this event – the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Prince of Wales and Camilla were there as well. They even had a hashtag ready – #goldenjubilee. Not a bad Royal line-up for a bunch of journos and bloggers! Assuring a Twitter “photo op”, they set aside the East Gallery of Buckingham Palace as a “Tweet Suite” – a smart touch guaranteeing coverage by those invited bloggers and twitter journalist/celebs.
A Textbook Example of Blogger Engagement – Courtesy of HM the Queen | Social Media Today

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The Pew Internet and American Life Project found that the Internet far outpaces other sources for local business information, followed by newspapers and word of mouth. Yet people rely very little on sites such as Facebook and Twitter for this type of information. More than half (51%) of adults who look for news and information about local restaurants, bars and clubs use the Internet to do so. About 38% of this demographic performs search engine queries for local restaurant information, while 17% visit specialty sites. Only 3% said they turn to social networking sites.
Consumers Not Turning to Social Media Sites for Local Business, Restaurant Info